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Düsseldorf’s ready for car2go
It seems as though every forward-thinking city is keen to get in on the car2go act – and that can only be a good thing! The German city of Düsseldorf is next in line to... read more
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Stuttgart says ‘guten tag!’ to car2go
With the German city of Stuttgart set to join the car2go electric mobility revolution in the summer, the organisers are going one step beyond the already eco-excellent credentials of the scheme. In order to showcase... read more
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Get Lost Diaries
Never ones to shy away from adventure, we were excited to test out the new smart ‘get lost’ app this past weekend. Little did we know we were in for such an exhilarating day out. Driving... read more
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Everyone’s a winner with car2go
We always knew that the smart fortwo electric drive car-sharing scheme car2go was a revolutionary idea, but we didn’t realise it would be record breaking too! It’s just been revealed that car2go – the world’s... read more
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2012 – year of the smart car
If ever there was a day that was perfectly suited to the smart car, it’s New Year’s Day. Ready for the future, excited about what’s to come and a feeling of anything’s possible – that’s... read more
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smart car challenge sparks success
Hilary Wilson wasn’t even sure she would be allowed to enter her smart car in this year’s Brighton to London RAC Future Car Challenge for low-emission vehicles. The legal adviser’s second generation smart fortwo electric... read more
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smart car app on Facebook
smart car’s clever new app for Facebook was inspired by the highly successful smart BRABUS tailor made service, which gives owners the chance to choose unique colour, trim and acce ssory combinations to individualise their... read more
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Want to ‘get lost’ on destinationsmart?
Here at smart car we’ve been more than a little tickled at the great success of the new smart fortwo get lost mobile app. If you’ve not already downloaded the app, we have the perfect... read more
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‘get lost’ with the latest smart car app for your smart phone
If you’re a fan of doing the smart car thing, but also love a little bit of spontaneity on the side, our latest app is just the ticket. Well, there’s no actual ticket, and there... read more
01.12.2011 | smart car UK | Leave a comment
smart car electric drive race for the future
The 2011 Royal Automobile Club’s London to Brighton Veteran Car Run saw the very best of automotive old and new come together – with the smart car fortwo electric drive in pole position! In the... read more