smart car Christmas Movie Making

A few weeks ago smart asked us to make a festive video, we jumped at the chance! The idea was pitched and accepted, the crew was found, the plans were made and the volunteers were roped in, nothing was left to do but to head to Mercedes-Benz UK in Milton Keynes and enjoy the shoot.

We got off to a fairly dangerous start when one of the camera men dropped one set of keys to a LOANED smart car on a drain cover.  We all froze (we were pretty cold anyway) as the wind threatened to knock the keys down the drain, tentatively our camera man bent down to pick them up. After he retrieved them they were swiftly taken off him and he wasn’t allowed to hold the keys anymore.

Thankfully the rest of the shoot went off without a hitch, everybody got into the festive spirit, endured the cold and didn’t moan once, OK maybe once, but it was very cold. All in all, the entire shoot was a pleasure to be a part of, we just hope you enjoy the finished project!

Guest blog by Rosie Box

To watch the smart Christmas Video click here, or for more smart stories visit

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