Transportation is a smart business

Something I do like to talk about in a motor-related context is movies. Many an iconic vehicle has been immortalised on film.  One of my favourite MotorMovies is the modern cult classic ‘Transporter’: an action packed drama where mysterious packages are expertly transported in fabulous motors by an utterly engaging lead character – ‘the transporter’, played by Jason Statham.

As a festive treat I had the opportunity to experience the practical side of the movies as well, as I was asked to transport supporting acts around filming locations in Milton Keynes for a day of filming a smart car UK Christmas music video. This also meant finally getting to drive a Mercedes-Benz for the first time – although the smart car would, of course, be the star of the show.

The concept for the shoot was that each character would create a smart car sound to be dubbed onto jingle bells: the smart urban remix! The brief was simple – transport the six supporting acts for the video to and from HQ to four different filming locations.

My tool for the job was a Mercedes-Benz B-Class 200 diesel with COMAND navigation system – indispensable as “Transportation is a precise business”, and I cannot recall Statham ever taking a wrong turn. Yet it was unnecessary as I scoped out all the locations the previous evening – a smart move.  After a brief spell getting used to the automatic transmission and higher driving position of the B-Class I eventually arrived a short distance away at our first location to film some door slamming.

I have always fancied myself as a bit of a Transporter behind the wheel. I can now confirm that I am one behind the lens too, as I ended up standing in for the first part of the shoot! My 15 minutes were soon over however, and it was back to what I do best – transporting! As the winter sun finally began to thaw the frozen tarmac I made my way to the final location of the day. This is when I found a button near the shift lever marked “C/S”.  I flicked it a few times until I worked out that I preferred the “S” mode. I wonder what that could stand for?

Guest post by Rebecca Diver-Clarke

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