David Coulthard: the future of smart car

Check out this energy-filled video and you’ll see racing driving legend David Coulthard sharing his love of the smart car!

And it’s not only the video that’s energy-filled, as Mr Coulthard is preparing to take the zero emission smart fortwo electric drive for a spin. At the beginning of the video he’s looking both excited and anxious, especially as he’s preparing to race against bigger petrol cars…although he’s sure that the smart will hold its own.

His¬†electric smart car is brightly wrapped in a rather smart yellow coat, and sits neatly alongside the other vehicles. David is clearly up for a challenge, even though he’s up against a number of very nippy looking fellows.

Making it clear that he’s already a big fan of the smart fortwo, David says that the pioneering smart fortwo electric drive means that we’re all “living with the future today” and that even though he’s not sure we’ll see high level electric car motor racing straight away, he’s hoping that his son will be able to have a go!

David clearly knows his stuff about the practical advantages of the smart fortwo electric drive too, pointing out that it offers a whole bunch of tax benefits as well as saving money on fuel and being very, very green.

Go David, go smart! For more smart car stories visit destinationsmart.co.uk or our official facebook page.

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