Dreaming of a smart car roadster?

Are you still pining for the much-loved smart car roadster? Then wail no more!

Although we cannot promise to bring back the sleek and sporty roadster model, we can encourage you to create a dashing smart roadster of your very own!

Using our cut-out smart car app on Facebook you can make the roadster of your dreams come to life, so it’s the ideal way to remember your favourite smarts.

You can cut-out-and-keep your perfect smart using all manner of colour combinations and eco-hero features, so if smarts of old are your thing, you really can while away hours on the cut-out smart car Facebook app!

But why stop at designing and building your very own small-but-perfectly-formed smart roadster? While you’re at it, how about crafting a paper smart forfour? See, there really are no limits to what you can do with a dream smart, and once you’ve made it, you can share with us on our Facebook page. You can find more smart stories on our community site destinationsmart.co.uk.

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