Tomorrow’s smart car today

It’s true that we’ve only just seen a new generation of smart car in the smart fortwo electric drive, but there’s already a brand new kid on the urban mobility block!

Unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show 2011, the incredibly futuristic smart forspeed captures the spirit of the smart fortwo – an electric excellence vs. fun driving mash up.

The smart forspeed is truly distinctive; its no roof, no side windows and no emissions are joined by a powerful drive system and a low windscreen that looks like something that’s not been invented yet.

Actually, the windscreen is a piece of master engineering, with photovoltaic cells that pump the on-board electrical system full of solar energy. Powered by a lithium battery, the smart forspeed delivers 16.5 kWh of electrical energy, can be charged at any standard 220 volt socket and a full charge gives an impressive 84 miles of smart adventures.

With what’s been described as ‘an extremely innovative and self-assured design’, the dashing high-gloss white with metallic paintwork smart forspeed offers an excitingly smart driving experience that really lets you feel the wind in your hair! Head of Design at smart Prof. Dr. H. C Gorden Wagener said, “The cult brand smart has always taken an unconventional approach with bold design. The forspeed now carries purist sportiness to extremes and, in terms of form, it is also a pioneer for a new paradigm of mobility.” And who are we to argue with a Professor and a doctor!?

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