smart car favourite: any colour, as long as it’s green

It’s well known that smart car fans are suckers for a good green story and this is no exception!

Forward-thinking Australian creative pair Nicholas Karlovasitis and Sarah Gibson are the brains behind eco-excellent design studio Design By Them and their latest offering is the smartest yet.

Inspired by the sad fact that up to 80% of a product’s impact comes from poor choices made in the design phase, Karlovasitis and Gibson decided to integrate ecologically responsible principles into their designs.

One of the resulting creations has really caught our eye as it’s especially smart… we present to you the Butter Chair! Along with the matching Butter Stool, this particular product is manufactured from recycled plastic milk containers – also known as ‘post consumer waste’ – and it certainly channels the green, functional and fun spirit of the smart fortwo.

Created from a single piece of recycled plastic material, the Butter Chair is a rigid piece of furniture that can be flat packed, making it very ecological to transport as it’s light and easy to package. Both pieces come in nine different colours too so, like the gloriously versatile smart fortwo, you can mix and match to your heart’s content!

The creative duo are keen to share their passion for green creations with as many companies as possible, especially as their experience shows that many organisations still just see eco-design as a marketing strategy. Karlovasitis said, “Companies are starting to come around and see it as an area of innovation and a way of improving their business in a range of areas.” Sounds smart to us!

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