smart car favourite: shopping is good for you!

Shopping… is it a necessary evil or a wonderful way to stock up your smart car on a Saturday? Whatever your view of shopping, you’re probably aware of the huge temples of retail therapy that are all over the world – the shopping mall.

With all the hundreds and thousands of people that visit shopping malls every day, it will come as no surprise to realise that the malls themselves use lots and lots of natural resources, particularly as the indoor complexes tend to require heating, lighting and ventilation all day everyday.

Obviously, here at destinationsmart we love to share design ideas that make our world cleaner and greener, with anything that encapsulates the eco-excellent values of the smart fortwo. So it seems unlikely that we’d talk about a shopping mall, right?

Wrong! The latest shopping mall in the Middle East is a terrific example of what smart people can do when they put their heads together. Called the Meydan Mall, this Istanbul-based mall is not just a shopper’s paradise, but also a green-lover’s dream!

Designed by Foreign Office Architects, Meydan Mall encourages plenty of natural lighting, has a unique green roof which absorbs excess heat and has all its heating and cooling needs provided by boreholes. And with most of the public spaces on the roof of the mall and skylights in the shopping areas, it needs hardly any lighting in the daytime. Even the underground car part is doing its bit, as it negates the ‘heat island effect’ of having cars outside getting hot in the sunshine.

With all that eco-design excellence going on, it might be more exciting to look at the building rather than the shops…

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