smart car favourite: NottyPooch

There are a whole host of smart car-style eco-reasons why we want to tell you about the products made by one particular Etsy user, but perhaps the very best reason is her fabulous name.

The Malaysian-based product designer and recycled material hoarder that we want to introduce you to goes by the Etsy name of NottyPooch. Isn’t that brilliant?!

If you’ve not yet come across Etsy, it’s basically a terrific online community for people that make crafts including clothes, jewellery and accessories to sell their wares. And with destinationsmart the place where smart lovers hang out, it’s no surprise that we’re a sucker for a great online community!

So, back to NottyPooch! She’s been busy making beautiful things out of the vinyl-like material that’s used on those huge advertising boards. As you can imagine, plenty of that gets thrown away, so NottyPooch is clearly more than just a smart name – she’s clearly very resourceful too.

Repurposing this sturdy, colourful material into stuff like laptop sleeves, bags, wallets and coaster sets, NottyPooch is always careful to make sure that her designs don’t give away any brand names from the original advertising.

She explained, “All billboard banners are brushed, washed, cleaned by hand, and carefully selected, measured, and cut into eye-catching pieces before being sewn.”

With NottyPooch’s one-of-a-kind creations embracing the smart car philosophy of making something that people want without costing the earth, we’re pleased to give a nod of approval to her innovative and vibrant work.

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