Disco smart car gets creative

There’s something pretty special going on in Berlin, and as you’d expect the smart car is right in the thick of it!

An exhibition by the ‘experimental artist formation’ known as Apparatjik has smart as its main sponsor, and the ElectriCITY theme is perfectly suited to the future-tastic smart fortwo electric drive.

Held at the Neue Nationalgalerie in Berlin on 26th – 27th March and featuring unusual live performances and the presence of some world-famous musicians, the smart car is really getting into the creative spirit of things by wearing a particularly funky wrap!

Completely dressed in reflective glass tiles, the smart fortwo electric drive looks like a glorious glitterball! Not content with spreading the word of disco, the smart will also get the chance to star in its very own music video, as it’s being used in Apparatjik’s latest film, called Pixel City.

The smart is not the only innovative exhibition piece; the Apparatjik team have also created an incredible interactive installation called ‘Light Space Modular’ that’s cleverly programmed to collect data and turn it into music. A big part of the exhibition will the music accompanied by images projected onto a massive six metre-tall cube, with the crazy types from Apparatjik performing inside the cube!

Check out the facebook photos and YouTube video! For more smart stories visit destinationsmart.co.uk.

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