smart car favourite: a very smart peanut

Snack-loving smart carĀ fans may be surprised to know that, until recently, there were no reported sightings of a vehicle in the shape of a large peanut.

Thankfully, the American peanut company Planters is not simply satisfied with excelling at the task of making a stunt peanut mobile, but has decided to take a responsible journey with it too – both literally and metaphorically.

The perfectly-named NutMobile has been designed with ecological sustainability in mind, so it’s no wonder that destinationsmart is already a fan. Although it’s not an actual smart car, the NutMobile certainly shares some of the same values, with its eco-friendly components, fuel-efficient engine and colourful bodywork.

In fact, the floor of the NutMobile is actually made from reclaimed material from an 1840s barn and many of the exterior features have been repurposed from other vehicles.

But rather than simply being a clever marketing tool, this massive auto-wheeled peanut is doing good deeds too. The plan is that the NutMobile will wend its way around various US cities as part of the Planters Groves programme, where it will share the company’s giving back to the community message by getting people involved in creating urban recreation spaces – peanut shaped of course!

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