smart car sounds electric

The gloriously silent electric smart car, the fortwo electric drive, is a pioneer in so many ways and the latest legislation means the future-focused smart car needs to lead the pack once again.

Although traffic noise might not be high up on your list of favourite things, it certainly makes life a little easier sometimes as it warns pedestrians and cyclists when vehicles are approaching. The lack of a gas guzzling engine is the reason electric cars don’t make a sound – their graceful glide is beneficial to the environment but can be tricky as it’s definitely seen but not heard!

So in order to satisfy the upcoming legislation that requires silent electric vehicles like the smart fortwo electric drive to have a people-friendly sound of their very own, the blogosphere has been awash with audio predictions.

The quest for the perfect electric vehicle warning sound is one which is attracting the views of campaigners against noise pollution as well as fans of the eco-excellent new generation vehicle. With ludicrous sounds mooted including waves lapping on the shore or a swarm of bees, we here at destinationsmart are particularly keen to hear your super smart ideas.

Let us know what you think would be the perfect sound of the smart!

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