smart car favourite: solar tray

Industrial designer Christy Tong has certainly shown a bit of the fresh-thinking smart car spirit!

Her latest project really harnesses some of the values of the eco-awesome smart car, even though its purpose is for something completely different.

Swiss-based designer Christy has created an innovative solar dining tray that is able to capture solar energy using a special type of ink-and-glass combo. Called PEEK, the sleek tray can hold both food and a glass, making it perfect for business functions as well as relaxed eating at home (although presumably it prefers an outdoor barbeque to a romantic dinner by the fire…)
Using the very latest solar-sensitised ink technology, Christy has applied the ink to the glass so that it can gain and deliver energy while keeping the negative spaces away from the edible element, with the clever design of the tray also including a wireless connection to a social network. Wouldn’t that make business meetings a lot more enjoyable!

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