What’s next for smart car twitter art?

Hands up if you loved the smart car art project!

We know that loads of you got just as excited as we did about illustrator Johanna Basford’s creative extravaganza at the smart urban stage’s visit to London’s South Bank, so we thought you’d like to know a bit more about what happened next.

If you’ve been following the unique smart’s artistic adventure here on destinationsmart, Facebook or Twitter, you may already know some of the terrific suggestions we received for the ‘vision of the future’.

Johanna worked her magic, turning the sometimes-crazy suggestions into a deliciously-designed smart fortwo electric drive. And now the finished smart is available for you all to see!

It’s an incredible illustration of your eco-dreams for the future, with Johanna’s drawings translating your suggestions into a one-of-a-kind smart wrap. Check it out here on Facebook, and see if you can spot your own ludicrous ideas – then tag them so all your friends know how smart you are!

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