Perfect combo – smart car & Boxfresh!

We know you may not believe us when we say that the smart car has just got even smarter, but it’s true!

Thanks to a unique collaboration with the unfeasibly cool designer types at British street brand Boxfresh, we’ve got a brand new smart BRABUS tailor made concept car coming up that’s practically a work of art.

Check out this video on our YouTube channel to see the behind-the-scenes scoop from when Pete White, from our product team at smart UK, took a trip to BRABUS HQ in Bottrop to get the creative juices flowing with the chaps from Boxfresh.

It’s pretty clear that everyone involved is more than delighted to be part of such a funky project, especially when they see all the fabulous hand-finished leather details and realise the fact that the sky’s the limit!

We’ll be sure to tell you about the refined urban creation that comes when the Boxfresh guys get their heads together, but in the meantime just relax in your slacks and look forward to an awesome new smart BRABUS special edition.

Click here to view some more Facebook photos of the Boxfresh.

View the YouTube video here. For more smart stories visit

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