smart car fancy dress with The Stickorator!

If you haven’t already heard about the latest smart car design phenomena, you need to check out this YouTube video!

It’s a fantastically-informative video from smartforyou that lets you in on all the tricks of the trade for fitting one of our graphics to your beloved smart car.

For those of you out of the smart loop, the stickorator is a customisable programme that lets smart fans pick from a range of digitally-created wraps and graphics from the smart range to make your smart car even more individual. It’s perfect for people that want a little extra flash of fancy on their smart.

To find out all there is to know about the stickorator, pop over to smart foryou to get the low-down.

Once you’ve decided to join the stickorator revolution, watching the YouTube video, featuring smart sticker guru Paul Vince in action, will help make sure you show off your pick of unique graphics. Paul explains how to get the vehicle graphics in the perfect place and how to fit them to last – although he also shares how to remove them quickly and easily when you’re ready for a change of style.

Play with the online stickorator here and get with the programme!

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