smart car favourite: camping lamp’s smart answer

Regular readers will know that we love eco-wonderful innovations almost as much as we love smart car.

And it looks as though designer Franklin Gow is on the same page, as his latest idea truly encapsulates the doing-good-things attitude that we aim to demonstrate with the urban mobility hero that is smart car.

Franklin’s terrific design concept is a brand new way to support the delicate stages of native tree growth while also offering an illuminating solution to dark walks in the woods, or camping trips in the great outdoors.

Using an LED bulb in a stylish lantern, a sapling from a rare tree is given both the warmth and protection it needs to flourish, and when it has grown to become strong enough to survive in the forest, the lantern can be popped open and the sapling planted in its new home. It sounds like one of the real treats of Franklin’s smart creation is that nature lovers can keep their eyes peeled for the perfect sapling to nurture – thanks to the handy eco-lamp!

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