smart car favourite: the smart E-Wall.

Have you seen the latest smart car favourite, the smart E-Wall?

No, this isn’t the latest Disney movie – it’s a terrific eco-invention that’s kind of like a smart car kitchen!

Don’t be confused, it actually makes perfect sense. The E-Wall is an energy-nibbling kitchen that has all the perks of a state-of-the-art kitchen without the irresponsible electricity usage you might expect.

So rather like the fuel-efficient smart car that does everything the big boys do and loads more besides, the E-Wall is a unique way to get the most out of your kitchen without costing the earth.

With its multi-functional layered structure that’s embedded into the kitchen wall, the E-Wall allows the green-thinking kitchen user to control all their kitchen accoutrements as efficiently as possible. From making sure as little water as possible is used by the dishwasher to reducing cleaning pollutants needed to keep everything sparkling, the E-Wall is activated by activity and goes on eco-standby mode whenever possible.

The plan is for the E-Wall to be tailor-made to suit kitchens of any dimensions, which sounds like a great plan to get all our homes as environmentally sounds as possible.

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