smart car favourite: The Cassette Chair

We can’t help but feel a pang of excitement when we see the spirit of the smart car in a totally different product.

The terrific Cassette Tape Chair is one such example. If the name doesn’t give it away quite enough for your liking, let us tell you a little more about this smashing reuse of one of the retro-fan’s favourite items.

With a solid wooden foundation, the Cassette Tape Chair has a whole load of plastic cassettes (remember them?) held together with plastic tie-wraps to keep it neat. But don’t be concerned that all that plastic stops the chair from channelling the eco-awesomeness of the smart car we know and love…it’s all made using recycled products and eco-friendly materials. Hooray!

For a little extra olden day’s fun, the chair also comes with a Walkman and headphones, so the ecologically-responsibly seated human can enjoy a little light music in comfort.

The Cassette Tape Chair is available from ooomydesign (great name!) at a cost of just €140 – but maybe you creative smarties could raid your old cupboards and make your own. Now that would be really smart.

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