Distant cousin of the smart car

We love to sing the praises of our extended family, so when smart car relative Mercedes-Benz came up with a new approach to an old form of transport, we wanted to show off!

The helicopter has been around since 1903, so it comes as no surprise to note that it was ripe for a luxury makeover from the Mercedes-Benz Advanced Design Studio in Como, Italy. The creative team got stuck into to adding to the flexible characteristics of the speedy chopper with some of the features associated with the luxury car brand.

Reminiscent of the much-loved Mercedes S-Class and E-Class models, the ‘Mercedes-Benz Style’ EC145 Eurocopter promises to offer a luxury transport experience for the top execs lucky enough to hop on board. Packed with fancy features like plush interior fittings and impressive lighting, the Eurocopter is ideal for sky-high business meetings or wealthy family fun, especially as the seats can be removed to make more space for luggage or games.

Launched at the European Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition 2011, the Eurocopter is unlikely to steal customers away from the smart car market, but it might just tickle the fancy of luxury-minded flight fans.

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