Growing smart car club

It won’t surprise you to hear that we love a good smart car club. We’ve been reading about one enterprising smart fortwo owner who has a wonderful smile and a passion for the nimble city mobile we all know and love.

American mental health therapist Cheryl Cannon has always loved the friendly banter that goes with owning a smart car, so when she got chatting to fellow fans Kent and Ginny Stewart in a supermarket car park she decided to go one step further.

Quite a big step as it happens, as Cheryl started her very own smart car appreciation club for like-minded people around her Prince Edward Island locality. Called the P.E.I smart car club, Cheryl and the Stewarts sent out a whole load of flyers to share the good news and appeal to new members.

“We have a meeting one month in Summerside and the next month in Charlottetown,” Cheryl explained, “Because our smart car owners are all over the island, so we aim for both meeting points.”

The P.E.I smart car club only started in July 2010 and it’s already got 15 members, which is pretty cool for a small community. But Cheryl has big ideas and is certain the membership will grow as the club has lots to offer. “Basically it’s fellowship, it’s friendship. I think the people who are smart car owners are very unique people. They’re usually people who are interested in the environment…and they’re just thrilled to be driving this little car. They’re just nuts about their car.”

She’s right you know! smart car fans are a very special bunch, so we are more than delighted there’s a new smart car club over the pond.

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