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We know all you smart car fans have been patiently waiting for this year’s smart times event in Italy, so we thought we’d reward you with loads of news before the big weekend kicks off.

It’s not long to go until smart times 11 starts on Thursday 4th August, running right through until Sunday 7th August, so it would be wise for smart car fans to make sure your place is guaranteed.

If you’ve already decided to put in an appearance at this year’s smart times, then pop over to the smart registration page to book your space.

But if you’re still making up your mind, perhaps a few juicy titbits about the weekend’s adventures will help. For a start, smart times 11 will be held in the glamorous Italian coastal city of Riccone, near Rimini. It’s the ideal spot for a gathering of smart car owners and enthusiasts as its funky, fun and loves eco-transport!

Once you’ve arrived in Riccone, let smart times 11 guide you through an awesome weekend, packed with smart-tastic events. Share your love of all things smart with fellow smarties, all whilst participating in special outings (the ‘panoramica’ and ‘smart vs. ferrari’ outings sound fabulous), brilliant beach parties (with live music and delicious eats) and the legendary smart parade.

With smart fans as varied as the smart cars themselves, you can be sure that whatever you want to do, smart times 11 will be the place to do it. From relaxed cultural events to the sporty and energetic beach volleyball tournament, you’ll be made to feel welcome.

Find out all there is to know about smart times 11 here and then come on over to the smart registration page. We look forward to seeing you!

To find out about other smart events read about the smart festival 2011 here.

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