smart car favourite: Eco-Skyscrapers

Skyscrapers get a pretty bad rap when it comes to their not-particularly-eco characteristics, so we are happy to share with you a new high-rise building concept that’s more in keeping with the smart car way of doing things.

Under the unusual title of ‘Riparian Urbanism’, a team of forward-thinking architects from Detroit, Michigan have created the ‘skyscraper of the future’. The concept has been inspired by the fact that a huge number of the world’s biggest cities – and therefore many tall buildings – are built in sensitive coastal environments. The architects’ aim was to utilise the natural resources of these popular locations to power and support the buildings, rather than have them leach off the land.

The Riparian Urbanism concept skyscraper is a crazy-looking architectural marvel. It has loads of glass panels to make it essentially a massive greenhouse, with the resulting interior microclimate offering a natural source of energy. Named after the phenomena of a riparian buffer, which is when an ecosystem is created to deliver benefits such as conditioned spaces that generates algae for bio-fuel and other natural treats, this conservation creation is a great step forward.

With the general appreciation for future-focused construction gaining fans apace, including us here at smart car, we’re hoping that this will soon be the skyscraper of today, not just tomorrow.

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