Fabulous smart car!

You may remember us here at smart car UK telling you about a simply fabulous smart car that’s the perfect partner for a spot of disco dancing?

If not, check out this video on our YouTube channel and all will become clear!

Thanks to the stylish partnership of smart and dance supergroup Apparatjik, the video is an uplifting mish-mash of urban beats and a unique smart car.

In fact, the video features both a future-focused white smart fortwo electric drive and a real one-of-a-kind glitter ball smart – it’s a smart that’s covered in loads and loads of little mirrors, making it a disco-tastic smart that’s ready to party!

Showing the mirrored smarts driving through the city at night, reflecting the neon lights, there’s also some crazy dancing and plenty of visual effects that highlight the ElectriCITY eco-message from smart and Apparatjik.

Check out the video here.

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