smart car Rendezvous Riccione

As they say in Italy… si preparano per tempo di festa a Riccione… get ready for party time in Riccione. Italy’s buzzy Adriatic resort is preparing to host smart times 2011, and it’s set to be one of this summer’s hottest destinations for Europe’s lovers of all things smart car.

Riccione’s ready to rock

It’s already the summer destination of choice for Italy’s fun-loving younger generation, but when smart times 2011 hits Riccione this August the Adriatic resort is set to move up another gear.

After being staged for the last decade in Austria, the move to Italy brings a whole new dimension to the annual smart gathering and lots of new opportunities. More than 4,000 smart owners and followers from 22 countries are expected in Riccione to mix with each and to celebrate their passion for the smart brand.

Although the main event starts on Friday August 5th, many enthusiasts are planning to arrive days earlier to join a series of planned tours and visits aimed at getting smart fans in the mood. As well as outings into the beautiful Emilia-Romagna countryside there’s an exclusive visit to Maranello, the home of Italy’s most famous sports car manufacturer, smart meets Museo Ferrari.

After all that travelling, what better way to welcome the evening than with a cool drink at sunset followed by a beach party with a live band. And that’s all before the main event gets underway! Friday sees a beach volleyball tournament and an opportunity to take test drives in the latest smarts including the amazing fortwo electric drive model. Then it’s time to join in the official opening party with a surprise live act and music and dancing into the early hours.

Chill out or thrill out over the next two days with a whole host of competitions, shows, sporting events, the smart times parade and the smart flea market where you’ll find all kinds of smart accessories, parts and merchandise.

If you want more information about this fantastic record-breaking gathering, details of travel packages, convoys to the event, and accreditation, which is essential, click here.

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