Guess who I had in the back of my smart car…

Saving money and fuel emissions while doing something exciting… that’s the perfect recipe for a smart car story if ever there was one!

This brand new venture by an established taxi company in Nottingham will see two gleaming smart cars available for solo trips, and the smart part is that not only will passengers be doing their bit for the environment, but they’ll be paying about 25% less too!

Gordon Donaldson’s family taxi company Where 2 UK Ltd has now added Just 4 One to its portfolio, with two lovely smart fortwo coupés – including a micro hybrid version with the stop/start engine function – starting it off.

Gordon explained, “Our research showed that the corporate business involved nearly 82% of fares where people were travelling alone. With customers becoming increasingly cost- and environmentally-conscious, fuel prices constantly on the rise, the use of a hackney cab or big saloon is, on certain occasions, unnecessary. The benefits for the customer using us are reduced fares as the result of being transported in more efficient and economical vehicles.”

But Gordon is well aware that some potential passengers may cock a snook at the smart car – especially if they’re tall and they’ve never been in a smart before. However, 6ft 4in smart car owner Gordon is well-prepared, saying that the ‘tardis-like inside’ of the smart is comfortable for his large frame and that ‘once tried I believe they will be won over’.

It looks like the local council was won over too, as Gordon’s tenacity in gaining the private hire licence took some doing. Thanks to some assistance from smart of Nottingham

providing the two smart cars, Gordon is more than excited to be offering local people an eco-travelling choice.

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