smart car favourite: green power islands

With the fortwo electric drive smart car are already leading the way when it comes to energy efficiency, and the smart car playing top trumps in the gas-nibbling stakes, it won’t surprise you to know we love a good eco-story.

Architects Gottlieb Paludan have come up with an incredible way to deal with Denmark’s aim to rely solely on wind power and it’s called Green Power Island.

Denmark already uses an awful lot of the delightfully green energy source of wind power, but as it is a relatively unreliable source of power it is impossible to use it as a baseload. This means that a back up form of power has to be in place.

And that’s where Green Power Island comes in. Rather than using a massive generator or a non-eco form of power as back up, this plan is to create a man-made island that’s essentially a huge battery. It would utilise existing energy generated during strong wind periods and store it using pumped hydro, which is when water is pumped vertically when there’s low demand and then released to generate more energy when there is high demand.

By using seawater, wind turbines and careful positioning of the system’s pumps, Green Power Island might just be the future of Denmark’s energy needs.

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