Ever fancied a smaller smart car?

There are times when the smart car fortwo is just too big. Gasp! Really?

Really. And that’s why we’re excited to tell you about our latest city mobility concept – the smart ebike. With all the delightfully-unconventional styling characteristics of the small-and-mighty smart car, the smart ebike is set to be available in Europe and North America during the first half of 2012.

The ebike can be pedalled like a normal bike, but as it’s anything but normal, it also has one of the most powerful 400Wh lithium batteries delivering a 250 watt electric motor, giving four power levels for all types of urban cycling.

With the battery charge providing up to 100 hours of cycling pleasure, the smart ebike is a welcome addition to the smart family. And it could be a welcome addition to your family too, with sales of electric bikes in Europe growing from 200,000 in 2007 to 700,000 in 2010, the smart ebike joins a growing trend for power assisted mobility.

Built by the renowned Berlin-based ebike manufacturer GRACE, the smart ebike captures the spirit of the smart on two 26″ wheels, with LED technology headlamp and rear light. It looks like a smart and it acts like a smart – gallivanting around town and nipping into squeezy city parking spots – and selling at less than €2,900 in Germany (UK prices to be announced), it won’t take up too much room in your budget either.

For those of you that are dedicated followers of four-wheeled functionality, the long awaited third generation smart fortwo electric drive will certainly be a feather in your urban mobility cap – just as it is in ours. We’ve listened to the feedback of smart fans to create this new member of the electric family and it will be rolling off the production line in summer 2012.

The second generation smart fortwo electric drive UK-based trial was a huge success, with the car’s zero emission status and efficient-driving good looks easy to love, but this new upgrade is even easier to fall for.

For the first time its 55 kW electric motor passes the 74 mph mark and can reach 0 – 62 mph in less than 13 seconds. The latest smart fortwo electric drive sticks to our zero emission promise and can give you up to 86 miles of city driving on just one charge. It’s a welcome addition to the world of sustainable driving.

For more on the smart fortwo electric drive click here. For more smart stories visit destinationsmart.co.uk or our official facebook page.

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