smart car favourite: tomorrow’s tablet looks smart
smart car favourite

smart car favourite

Now here is a future-ready product that ticks almost as many brilliant boxes as the delicious smart car!

It’s hard to imagine that a portable computer that’s even more advanced than the latest tablets could soon be available, but with the industry moving at a rapid speed, this new concept could be part of tomorrow’s world.

Created by Korean designer Seungha Yoo, the M-Gram portable computer is squeezed full of functionality, with plenty of eco-friendly elements too. The M-Gram is a very sleek 8cm2 tablet-style flat screen that uses a 3D hologram display instead of a hardware extension, which allows it to be both smaller and more energy efficient that other portable computers – so you can see why it appealed to us smart car lovers here at destinationsmart!

Charged by simply standing on top of a charger, thanks to electromagnetic induction, the charger itself is powered by its own solar panel, with an LED light showing the status. The built-in Bluetooth means the M-Gram can happily chat with other techie devices in your network too.

With holographic technology being a big future trend, we will certainly be keeping an eye on the M-Gram and daydreaming about the day when there’s a hologram display in the smart car of tomorrow…

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