Calling smart car bibliophiles!

Just because smart love to pack the smart carsmart car bibliophiles full of the latest gadgets and gizmos, doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy the odd bit of olden days’ technology too.

Even though the smart fortwo has Bluetooth functionality and its very own iPhone app, we can still appreciate the style and beauty of a good old fashioned red telephone box.

Not that it’s used as a telephone box, you understand. After all, everyone has mobiles now and can keep in touch all day every day through all manner of social networking sites, emails and texts.

In the smart car’s favourite spirit of making something unused into something else beautiful, this particular red telephone box has been turned into a very small but perfectly formed library.

Situated in the little Hampshire village of Longstock and operated by the local Parish Council, this classic kiosk is now a lending library. It’s a welcome facility for the local community and stocks a carefully-chosen collection of novels, recipe books and reference books.

With just 12,500 payphones left in the UK, and more than half not making a profit, our hats go off to the people of Longstock for taking the kiosk over from BT and turning it into something wonderful. We just wonder if locals have to make their selection quickly when the pips go!

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