smart car favourite: brilliant beach home

Have you ever spent a day paddling around rock pools at the beach and wished you never had to go home? With smart car lovers well known for being fans of outdoor adventures, this probably refers to most smart blog readers!

Taking inspiration from the E.E Cummings’ poem ‘maggie and milly and molly and may’, designer Mika Yamaguchi has created a delightful seaside home that’s totally in tune with its surroundings.

Called “Tidal House”, Yamaguchi’s beautiful design is a two-level home that’s crafted inssmart car favouriteide a lava rock, with the idea being that the circular living space allows the lucky people within to connect to the light, sounds and atmosphere of being beside the sea.

Built using natural materials and harnessing the available resources of sea water for washing and moonlight for relaxing evenings (we like!), “Tidal House” has just a hammock, wooden table and a ladder. Its minimal design is ideal for the naturally stunning outdoor location and Yamaguchi hopes it will encourage people to appreciate the beauty of the great outdoors.

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