smart car favourite: electric drive for wheelchair users

If you thought the smart car fortwo electric drive was one of the world’s greatest eco-friendly urban mobility hero, you’d be right. But did you know that there’s a new kid on the block that’s adding even more mobility brilliance to the eco-driving arena?

The E1-Ecodrive Taxi has been created by a team of industrial design students at the National University of Columbia in Palmira and it has the mobility challenges of wheelchair users in mind.

As well as being an ecologically excellent vehicle, the E1-Ecodrive has the capacity to seat four people in comfort with three easy access entrances for people in wheelchairs. There’s plenty of space for the chairs and their owners thanks to the clever design – even though its only 3.4meters long and 1.7 meters high!

smart car

E1-Ecodrive Taxi

The eco-credentials of the taxi vehicle will be music to the ears of smart car fans – it’s made from low-impact materials that don’t do bad things to the environment and it runs on hydrogen, electricity, bio-diesel and gas. It looks pretty cool too, channelling the spirit of the smart fortwo electric drive in some ways with its crisp green and white exterior and sleek styling.

So for wheelchair users that are keen to get in on the urban mobility act, the E1-Ecodrive Taxi looks like a useful ally.

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