smart car: the future of form and function
smart car

smart car

The futuristic look of the smart forvision sets the perfect balance between form and function, cleverly styled to include a mix of practical features and smart car thinking.

The vehicle of tomorrow has an almost architectural blend of complementary shapes, from the polygonal light-reflective roof surface to the organic contours of the interior, with the carefully-chosen colours adding to the overall design.

Clever use of liquid copper paint works beautifully with the dominant crisp white of the interior and exterior, with tone-in-tone seat upholstery and integrated armrests all working together, curving into the smart guided by coloured LED lights. There’s also an aircraft-style white steering wheel and LED battery charge status display to add to the futuristic styling.

All the advanced cockpit information is delivered using projection on to a transparent surface with touchscreen menu, and the elliptical user interface’s copper-coloured frame keeps up the stylish white-and-metallic combination.

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