smart car favourite: energy saving is so smart
smart car

smart car

The latest urban driving concept from smart car has been created to stay one step ahead of the future of driving.

Developed alongside BASF Global, the automotive industry’s leading chemical company, the smart forvision concept vehicle is the very latest in technical excellence, with a strong energy efficiency performance.

First up, the eye-catching transparent hexagonal shapes on the top of the smart forvision make it the first ever energy-generating light-transmitting roof. Covering the whole roof, the embedded transparent solar cells are based on organic dyes and are light activated. But they don’t need more than the British sunshine to work! Even on grey days they generate enough energy to power its three fans (great for climate management inside the smart) and the multimedia components.

These solar cells help keep the smart cool too, even on the hottest summer days, as the ventilation can be run permanently. There’s loads of energy efficiency potential with this photovoltaic technology, especially as the energy created can be used to power all sorts of functions.

Underneath the solar cells, there’s another new technology. Transparent OLEDs (organic light-emitting diodes) light up the interior of the smart when the door is opened or a button is pressed, and when they’re switched off the driver has a beautifully clear view of the outside. With plenty of design freedom, the OLEDs create a ‘glass roof’ effect in the daytime and a dazzle-free gentle illumination at night – all while consuming less than half the energy of even energy-saving lamps.

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