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It’s been a great year for smart car.

In the four years since the current generation fortwo smart car was launched, the iconic urban mobility vehicle has gained many thousands of fans, with more than half a million smarts sold worldwide.

This year alone, more than 69,000 brand new smarts have found new homes across the world, giving you loads more opportunities to do the ‘smart wave’!

Dr. Annette Winkler, head of smart, said, “Our smart has long since evolved into an icon which is indispensable in the cities of the world.”

She’s not wrong! The smart car family has been setting standards in cleaner, smarter driving and, with the third generation electric smart car available for ordering from summer 2012, we’ll continue to do so with aplomb.

Created using all manner of intelligent data – from extensive customer feedback to 15,000 test runs – the third gen smart fortwo is cleverer than ever before, thanks to improved battery range, engine performance and tons of other upgrades.

Dr. Winkler added, “Driving with the new smart fortwo electric drive makes a lot of fun. It causes neither noise nor emissions, and yet with it you are agile and flexible on the roads in the city.”

The smart fortwo electric drive also has a little brother that’s causing some ripples in the street transportation pond. Available from the third quarter of 2012, the smart ebike is destined to do for city cycling what the smart car has done for city driving. Packed with urban-awesome functions like an integrated USB port, this ‘smart-on-two-wheels’ is an affordable way to get into the electric revolution.

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