smart forvision takes the heat

Effective temperature management is imperative in an energy efficient car, so when smart teamed up with BASF Global to create the smart car forvision, excellent heating and air conditioning was top of the list.

Automotive chemical company BASF and smart came up with a whole package of cleverness to keep the future-fabulous smart car cool on hot days and warm when it’s chilly.

Using technologically-advanced materials, the smart car forvision is truly innovative, even when dealing with the large amount of energy needed to air condition and heat a vehicle. BASF used a type of infrared-reflective film as a heat shield on the windscreen and side panels to stop the smart’s interior from heating up too much, with the film being integrated between the panes of safety glass. Highly transparent, the high-visibility film can be used with tinted windows and, unlike traditional metalised film, only reflects the infrared rays, allowing the valuable radio waves (needed for GPS, Bluetooth, toll collections and mobile signals) to pass through easily.

smart car

smart car

BASF’s forward-thinking high performance foams also add to the effective temperature control – able to retain heat in winter but stay pleasantly cool in summer, the lightweight foam is fitted in the bodypanels for insulation and anywhere else its properties will benefit the smart.

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