Want to ‘get lost’ on destinationsmart?
smart car

smart car

Here at smart car we’ve been more than a little tickled at the great success of the new smart fortwo get lost mobile app.

If you’ve not already downloaded the app, we have the perfect way to tempt you to join in the fun – every other week from now on, we’re going to be featuring a ‘get lost’ adventure from one of you very lucky smart car fans on our community site destinationsmart.co.uk!

It’s so easy to use – it takes you to exciting new places in your smart car by coming up with a totally random journey or letting you choose from a list of destinations, and lets you share your adventures with friends on Facebook and fellow destinationsmart addicts.

To be in with a chance of being the one that everyone’s talking about, you’ll need to download the ‘get lost‘ app and get tapping (that will make perfect sense when you’ve got the app in your hands!) – then tell us all about it and we could feature you on destinationsmart! What could be better? To tell us your stories, just email us at info@smartinfocentre.co.uk with ‘get lost story’ as the subject!

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Download the Get Lost app for iPhone.

Download the Get Lost app for Android.

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