Everyone’s a winner with car2go

We always knew that the smart fortwo electric drive car-sharing scheme car2go was a revolutionary idea, but we didn’t realise it would be record breaking too!

It’s just been revealed that car2go – the world’s first free-floating car-sharing network – has set some very high standards for the future of urban driving, so we thought you smart fans would like to hear more.

First up, there have been more than one million rentals from over 50,000 car2go members worldwide. So that’s not only a whole load of journeys carried out in a very fuel-efficient manner, but also heaps of frustration saved thanks to designated parking spaces and nippy smarts!

One million rentals marks an impressive milestone, highlighting that the distinctive blue-and-white specially-liveried smart fortwo electric drive car2go editions have been rented on average more than 1,000 times a day since its launch in 2009.

The scheme is also growing internationally, with Austin the first North American city to launch car2go and Ulm (Germany) the first in Europe now joined by Amsterdam, San DiegoHamburgVancouver, and Vienna. The French city of Lyon and Stuttgart in Germany will be the first to join in 2012, with plans to start both in the summer.

A new customer service model joins the revolutionary scheme for 2012 too, with the aim to guarantee an even easier service thanks to a web contact form that’s monitored by knowledgeable local staff, supported by an emergency phone number.

There’s even a new way for clean freak customers to gain extra minutes in their car2go smart. By taking their special edition electric smart through the car wash and vacuum when they refuel, they get a credit of 60 minutes free!

Robert Henrich, CEO of car2go GmbH, added, “Right from the outset our aim at car2go has been not just to provide a useful service, but also to really inspire our clients’ enthusiasm. Our figures show that we have succeeded in this. The changes to our pricing and customer service models make car2go even more attractive, and this will win us new groups of customers, such as business people.”

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For more information about the smart fortwo visit thesmart.co.uk.

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