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Never ones to shy away from adventure, we were excited to test out the new smart ‘get lost’ app this past weekend. Little did we know we were in for such an exhilarating day out.

Driving home after a morning of shopping in central London, we decided some spontaneity was in order and loaded up the ‘get lost’ app. Being our first time using the app we opted to be slightly cautious and only selected a maximum journey distance of 20 miles – but our daring side led us to choose the ‘Extreme’ mode for the journey. This setting kept our final destination a mystery right up until the last minute and made the journey all the more exciting while we tried to guess where we going to end up!

The app took us on a scenic route through London, passing sights such as Battersea Park and Burgess Park. As we neared the outskirts of London, we were struggling to come up with any ideas of where our destination would ultimately be with our previous guesses of Greenwich Park, the National Maritime Museum and the Forster Memorial Park all eliminated as we watched them fade into the distance of the rear view mirrors.

As we entered Kent, we were well and truly stumped as to where our journey was leading us. However, we weren’t to be kept in suspense for too much longer as the app was soon guiding us along the finishing straight. As we pulled to a stop and exited our beloved smart fortwo coupé we were finally let in on the secret of our destination. The destination was in fact the Chislehurst Caves in the Kent countryside. Looking at each other, we realised this was a place that we never would have thought to visit ourselves – which made for an even more thrilling end result!

Soaking up the scenery around us we explored the wondrous caves and learnt much about their history as our tour guide pointed out various Druid and Roman features. We also discovered that during the 1960s and 1970s many legendary artists – including David Bowie, The Rolling Stones and Jimi Hendrix all performed in the caves, which did in fact make us slightly envious that we weren’t able to witness what would have been incredible events in such an awe-inspiring setting!

As we exited the caves, we realised that sadly our day had come to an end and we were now going back to our now seemingly predictable and dreary world. Reflecting on our experience, we know this will be the first of many times that we will be making use of the ‘get lost’ app as it leads us on more adventures in the future and opens us up to the world of sights that are out there.

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