smart Loves The Summer

The sun is still shining, just, and unbelievably we’re over half way through the year. That’s 138 days until winter officially begins, 141 days until Christmas (too early to shop?) and 148 days until we need to think about getting a new calendar.

But what calendar to choose? Will it be Hollywood stars, countryside scenes, or kittens and puppies perhaps? Maybe, like us, you’ll end up with whatever your well-meaning Aunty picks up for you at the card shop (love those calendars Aunty, keep them coming).

Better still, why not be part of the smart 2011 calendar? Submit your summery, smart related photos to us at both destinationsmart and @smartfortwoUK so we can share them with the community. The winning entries will make up the July, August and September pages of the smart 2011 calendar, so everyone can admire your pride and joy!

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