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The record best-ever smart festival
The 2011 smart car festival gave new meaning to a ‘show of strength’ with the annual event attracting more visitors than ever before. Thousands of smart car owners and enthusiasts descended on Mercedes-Benz World, near Weybridge,... read more
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Ready for the smart car stickerator?
It’s not just models and actresses that are into the latest fashion – the smart car loves to look good too. The most fashionable types here at smart HQ have been working like loons to... read more
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smart car special edition: nightorange
The smart car fortwo nightorange truly puts the special in special edition. With its sporty yet chic metallic orange body panels with black trim, a perfect head-turning combo, the smart fortwo nightorange special edition is... read more
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2011 smart car special editions
It fills us with considerable joy and more than a little pride to give you an overview of the smart car special edition highlights of 2010 and a peak at the special edition smart cars... read more
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smart car goes with the glow
If the winter weather is making you long for the warmth of summer, the new smart car fortwo nightorange edition will light up your life. With orange metallic paintwork, contrasting black finish tridion safety cell... read more
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The history of the little black dress
Ask any woman what she has the most of in her wardrobe, and she will almost certainly say little black dresses, or LBDs. After all, it has been the go-to staple item for nearly 100... read more
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Do people dream in colour?
There seems to be some controversy around whether or not people dream in colour. Dreams are so personal that whether you do or don’t, whichever way you see things you expect to be the norm... read more
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Yellow submarine
Perhaps the most famous song about a colour is that old Beatles’ trippy classic Yellow Submarine. Loved by everyone from children to aging hippies since its release in 1966, there is something about its psychedelic... read more