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The record best-ever smart festival
The 2011 smart car festival gave new meaning to a ‘show of strength’ with the annual event attracting more visitors than ever before. Thousands of smart car owners and enthusiasts descended on Mercedes-Benz World, near Weybridge,... read more
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smart car love in
Since Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, it’s no wonder that smart car are turning our attention to all things romantic. It’s not just hearts, flowers and soppy cards…the love we feel for our... read more
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smart car pics wanted!
Are you looking for something other than ‘joining the gym’ for your New Year’s resolution? Allow smart car to suggest a new way to make 2011 the best yet (and it doesn’t involve denial or... read more
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Think smart car, think Indola
For all those hairdressers that are finding the joy of giving customers a new hair-do is waning a little, perhaps this new smart car competition will give them back their mojo. Hair colour and products... read more
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smart Loves The Summer
The sun is still shining, just, and unbelievably we’re over half way through the year. That’s 138 days until winter officially begins, 141 days until Christmas (too early to shop?) and 148 days until we... read more