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Tomorrow’s smart car today
It’s true that we’ve only just seen a new generation of smart car in the smart fortwo electric drive, but there’s already a brand new kid on the urban mobility block! Unveiled at the Geneva... read more
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smart car special edition: nightorange
The smart car fortwo nightorange truly puts the special in special edition. With its sporty yet chic metallic orange body panels with black trim, a perfect head-turning combo, the smart fortwo nightorange special edition is... read more
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Dreaming of a smart car roadster?
Are you still pining for the much-loved smart car roadster? Then wail no more! Although we cannot promise to bring back the sleek and sporty roadster model, we can encourage you to create a dashing... read more
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smart car plastic’s fantastic
It won’t surprise you to know that there are a whole load of clever people that are involved in making the smart car. After all, such a good looking piece of eco-driving genius doesn’t happen... read more
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smart has unveiled the perfect solution for owners who literally have designs on making their smart fortwo even more individual. The smart foryou customisation programme offers enthusiasts the chance to enhance and personalise the appearance... read more
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2011 smart car special editions
It fills us with considerable joy and more than a little pride to give you an overview of the smart car special edition highlights of 2010 and a peak at the special edition smart cars... read more
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smart car love in
Since Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, it’s no wonder that smart car are turning our attention to all things romantic. It’s not just hearts, flowers and soppy cards…the love we feel for our... read more
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smart car in Detroit
Take a peak at the latest smart car YouTube videos on our very own channel – you’ll be in for a pretty smart treat! Our latest video captures some of the terrific audio and visual... read more
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New look for smart car
You know, it’s not just us humans that like to have a bit of a makeover – the smart car is a fan of a new look too! We are pleased to share with you... read more
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smart car favourite: Fridgecouch
Some things just go together; Fred and Ginger, gin and tonic, sausage and mash… smart car have found one Canadian designer who hasn’t quite got the right idea though, as his pairing is not so... read more