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smart car cosy!
Ever fancied dashing around some of the coolest cities in the world, diving into squeezy parking spaces and nipping down narrow streets – all without a coat on? That would be fine if the sun... read more
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2011 smart car calendar on sale now!
If you’re looking for the perfect stocking filler for a green-living loved-one, or even a Secret Santa gift for the smartest person in your office, this is the news you’ve been waiting for. Remember we... read more
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Stylish smart car from Wallpaper*
It is well known that the smart car fortwo is a joyful mix of ecologically-responsible form and function, but it’s nice to have it confirmed by one of the UK’s leading design magazines. In a... read more
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Make a date with smart car!
We’re very excited to say that we’ve just seen something really marvellous and it’s all thanks to you! Fans of our community site destinationsmart will surely remember the recent competition we ran to find some... read more
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Two new smart car colours! Suits you!
The new generation smart car facelift has been unleashed, and it seems smart fans are particularly keen to talk about the latest colours available. The integral satnav, awesome audio functionality and impressively-low CO2 emissions of... read more
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smart car approve of Life Sack
We all know how the smart car is ace because it looks cool and does its bit for the planet. In keeping with those ideas, we’ve come across an innovative product that can multi-task too... read more
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smart Car Fans Wrap it Up!
Just in case the almost-endless customising options available to all you smart car lovers out there wasn’t enough, a competition that’s just finished across the pond has given artistic smart fans a whole new way... read more
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Russell Brand and Other Celebs Support smart car Breast Cancer Fund Raiser
Russell Brand and a host of other famous celebrities have joined forces to create a life-size patchwork smart car, aimed at raising money during October’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Inspired by the recent launch of... read more
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New Generation smart fortwo Advert Is A Hit
Take a look at the brilliant new advert for the new generation smart fortwo! Find out more at destinationsmart.
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A smart plug socket?
You wont be surprised to hear that we at destinationsmart hate waste! With the smart car being the perfect representation of making the absolute most of a small space without wasting any nook or indeed... read more