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12.10.2010 | smart car UK | Comments Off
Live web chat with smart eco-hero
smart car’s very own eco-driving guru Mick Linford is already a winner of the ALD Automotive/Total ECO 10 MPG Marathon, and he’s soon going to be a new media star too! Mick will be conducting... read more
05.10.2010 | smart car UK | Comments Off
MPG competition won by smart cdi
Once again the smart cdi has come up trumps in the miles-per-gallon stakes! It’s the second year running that the smart car eco-hero has been crowned the world’s CO2 champion, having put in an impressive... read more
01.10.2010 | smart car UK | Comments Off
smart car at London Fashion Week 2010
As smart car fans we always knew the smart fortwo was a stylish little fellow, but it’s certainly nice to have it confirmed by some of the best dressed people in London! This year’s London... read more
28.09.2010 | smart car UK | Comments Off
The smart car-dboard car!
An unusual cooperation project has its world premiere. smart, the packaging specialist CD CARTONDRUCK AG from Obersulm in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, and the Berlin-based artist Sarah Illenberger unveil the first smart fortwo to have its interior... read more
27.09.2010 | smart car UK | Comments Off
The new generation lightshine edition
smart is well known as an eco-champion of urban driving, and soon we’re launching an edition that celebrates our green credentials. What’s more, it’s a rather good looking fellow! The new generation lightshine edition is... read more
13.09.2010 | smart car UK | Comments Off
German city goes electric with smart
A city in southwest Germany has joined the smart electric revolution. Stefan Mappus, the State Premier of the city of Baden-Württemberg, has taken delivery of the first of 200 smart fortwo electric drive vehicles that... read more
31.08.2010 | smart car UK | Comments Off
Get green at smart festival 2010
Whilst smart festival 2010 is sure to be more fun than you can shake a smart car at, it doesn’t mean that we’re not responsible. You’ll find a flock of green features nestling alongside the... read more
18.06.2010 | smart car UK | Comments Off
Drive Smart – Get more miles part 2
Last time we showed you what you could do to save a bit of fuel while driving your smart fortwo, but as with most things you can always save more fuel by driving like an... read more
15.06.2010 | smart car UK | Comments Off
Drive Smart – Get more miles Part 1
Fuel costs are spiralling and while the smart fortwo is a brilliantly economical way to move around the urban jungle, there are always means to get you more miles for your money. Here’s the first... read more