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The smart Urban Stage & Future Minds Exhibition is coming to London
Jo Whiley, Lauren Laverne, Ortis Deley, Tom Dyckhoff and William Tempest join forces with smart to select and showcase London’s most innovative and inspiring ideas The smart urban stage & Future Minds Exhibition – a... read more
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smart car favourite: any colour, as long as it’s green
It’s well known that smart car fans are suckers for a good green story and this is no exception! Forward-thinking Australian creative pair Nicholas Karlovasitis and Sarah Gibson are the brains behind eco-excellent design studio... read more
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Tomorrow’s smart car today
It’s true that we’ve only just seen a new generation of smart car in the smart fortwo electric drive, but there’s already a brand new kid on the urban mobility block! Unveiled at the Geneva... read more
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Electric smart car goes stateside
It’s said that America is five years ahead of the UK, but when it comes to electric cars…we’re in the lead! But thankfully both sides of the pond can now be winners in the electric... read more
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smart car plastic’s fantastic
It won’t surprise you to know that there are a whole load of clever people that are involved in making the smart car. After all, such a good looking piece of eco-driving genius doesn’t happen... read more
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David Coulthard: the future of smart car
Check out this energy-filled video and you’ll see racing driving legend David Coulthard sharing his love of the smart car! And it’s not only the video that’s energy-filled, as Mr Coulthard is preparing to take... read more
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Chart topping smart car
Just because smart car fans already know just how smashingly special the smart fortwo is, doesn’t mean we don’t like hearing it again sometimes! It warmed our cockles to find out that respected auto industry... read more
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smart car favourite: Fridgecouch
Some things just go together; Fred and Ginger, gin and tonic, sausage and mash… smart car have found one Canadian designer who hasn’t quite got the right idea though, as his pairing is not so... read more
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smart car favourite: water-works
You might not think that bird excrement is the most inspiring of sources, but smart car can confirm that it has helped to launch a smashing new eco-product. The Dutch inventor Pieter Hoff has come... read more
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Asia’s first electric drive smart car
Indonesian people are well-known for their love of big gas-guzzling vehicles, so the introduction of the very first electric drive smart car in the capital Jakarta is certainly something worth celebrating. In fact, the smart... read more