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smart car approves of a greener cleaner!
smart car fans are always up for getting the best results in the most sustainable way possible, and it seems like this new cleaning product shares the same eco-responsible values as the smart car. Minnesota... read more
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smart car approve of Life Sack
We all know how the smart car is ace because it looks cool and does its bit for the planet. In keeping with those ideas, we’ve come across an innovative product that can multi-task too... read more
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smart car Loves London
Here’s some brilliant news that will put yet another tick in the already-stuffed-full ‘why it’s ace to have a smart fortwo’ box. As a result of the ‘greener vehicle discount’, lots of smart fortwo models... read more
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A smarter way to charge!
We at smart are big fans of any new idea that puts a smile on the faces of smart car drivers – and the Nation-E certainly does that! The Swiss car company Nation-E is already... read more
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New smart car advert with green message
Here’s the full version of the stylish and thought-provoking new film featuing the smart fortwo. Visit destinationsmart for the latest smart stories, and be sure to visit our official smart car facebook page.
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smart car emergency housing
We know a smart invention when we see one! Regular readers will already know what big fans we are of cool designs with a big heart, as the smart car is the perfect compact eco-hero... read more
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Eco-Driving Tips from Mick Linford
Check out this exclusive video featuring Green Motoring expert Mick Linford on how to get the most from your smart car. For more green motoring news visit destinationsmart.
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Travel Greener with smart car
When promoting green holidays, getting to and from your destination in the most energy-efficient way is high on the ’must do’ list. That being the case, the latest smart electric drive model turned out to... read more
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Live web chat with smart eco-hero
smart car’s very own eco-driving guru Mick Linford is already a winner of the ALD Automotive/Total ECO 10 MPG Marathon, and he’s soon going to be a new media star too! Mick will be conducting... read more
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A smart plug socket?
You wont be surprised to hear that we at destinationsmart hate waste! With the smart car being the perfect representation of making the absolute most of a small space without wasting any nook or indeed... read more