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05.10.2010 | smart car UK | Comments Off
MPG competition won by smart cdi
Once again the smart cdi has come up trumps in the miles-per-gallon stakes! It’s the second year running that the smart car eco-hero has been crowned the world’s CO2 champion, having put in an impressive... read more
28.09.2010 | smart car UK | Comments Off
The smart car-dboard car!
An unusual cooperation project has its world premiere. smart, the packaging specialist CD CARTONDRUCK AG from Obersulm in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, and the Berlin-based artist Sarah Illenberger unveil the first smart fortwo to have its interior... read more
27.09.2010 | smart car UK | Comments Off
The new generation lightshine edition
smart is well known as an eco-champion of urban driving, and soon we’re launching an edition that celebrates our green credentials. What’s more, it’s a rather good looking fellow! The new generation lightshine edition is... read more
13.09.2010 | smart car UK | Comments Off
German city goes electric with smart
A city in southwest Germany has joined the smart electric revolution. Stefan Mappus, the State Premier of the city of Baden-Württemberg, has taken delivery of the first of 200 smart fortwo electric drive vehicles that... read more
16.08.2010 | smart car UK | Comments Off
Scotland’s smart ambitions
It looks like Scotland is the latest place to go electric, thanks to an ambitious plan by the WWF (World Wildlife Fund). The Scottish branch of the WWF has decided to work towards achieving a... read more
18.06.2010 | smart car UK | Comments Off
Drive Smart – Get more miles part 2
Last time we showed you what you could do to save a bit of fuel while driving your smart fortwo, but as with most things you can always save more fuel by driving like an... read more