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04.10.2011 | smart car UK | Leave a comment
2011 smart fortwo Boxfresh Style Edition
Watch the cool smart fortwo Boxfresh Style Edition cruising through the London streets. Styled by smart and the clever designers at Boxfresh, this smart car takes inspiration from the Boxfresh Concept Car shown at smart... read more
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Your smart car roof just got a little smarter!
You know how we love to keep adding new smart touches to the smart car family? Well, there are two new roof colours available at smart car retailers now that are certainly getting people talking.... read more
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smart car – fresh brand fusion
What happens when you bring together dynamic design from two of the world’s hottest brands? The answer is the smart fortwo Boxfresh – a fusion of smart car style and unique design interpretation from leading... read more
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smart car Firefox Persona
If you’re as excited about smart festival 2011 as we are then you’ll want to check out the new smart festival Firefox Persona we’ve created just for you. In true smart car spirit, this smart festival browser... read more
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All-white smart car
The most eagle-eyed smart car fans may have already noticed that there is an exciting new addition to the smart car 2011 price list… An all-white version of the smart fortwo is available now, with... read more
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smart car, smart times 2011
We know all you smart car fans have been patiently waiting for this year’s smart times event in Italy, so we thought we’d reward you with loads of news before the big weekend kicks off.... read more
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smart car favourite: The Cassette Chair
We can’t help but feel a pang of excitement when we see the spirit of the smart car in a totally different product. The terrific Cassette Tape Chair is one such example. If the name... read more
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smart car favourite: beach volleyball!
smart car extends its commitment to beach volleyball as the presenting sponsor at the FIVB Beach Volleyball Swatch World Championships 2011 in Rome Vitality and maximum agility characterize successful beach volleyball players as well as... read more
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smart car fancy dress with The Stickorator!
If you haven’t already heard about the latest smart car design phenomena, you need to check out this YouTube video! It’s a fantastically-informative video from smartforyou that lets you in on all the tricks of the trade... read more
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smart car secret
If you’re a fan of the vibrant smart car nightorange we’ve got a little secret to tell you, but you have to promise to keep it under your hat. This sporty yet chic metallic orange... read more