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smart car future for electric motoring
Have you ever heard the phrase ‘virtuous circle’? Basically, it’s when lots of things happen that reinforce a good message, and it’s the perfect illustration of what will happen if more people start buying eco-responsible... read more
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Free smart car with house!
The property market has been having a bit of a tricky time of late, so we were rather impressed with this developer’s smart car idea! Robert Tremblay, an American property developer, certainly thought outside the... read more
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smart car living in nyc
Were it possible to have a smart car in apartment form, we think it might look something like this! This architectural adventure in New York City sees eco-living reach new heights, as a space-age residence... read more
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smart car sense: reusable packaging
The dashing timepieces from the trendy people at Nooka don’t just help you tell the time – they have the added benefit of packaging that tells you something too. With smart car being quite a... read more
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smart car pics wanted!
Are you looking for something other than ‘joining the gym’ for your New Year’s resolution? Allow smart car to suggest a new way to make 2011 the best yet (and it doesn’t involve denial or... read more
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Transportation is a smart business
Something I do like to talk about in a motor-related context is movies. Many an iconic vehicle has been immortalised on film.  One of my favourite MotorMovies is the modern cult classic ‘Transporter’: an action... read more
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car2go smart car launches in Hamburg
smart car are more than excited to tell you about the latest adventures of the smart fortwo car2go edition! The smart car sharing scheme car2go, already a big hit in Austin, Texas and Ulm in... read more
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smart car favourite: clean, green and very smart
Here’s a question: when was the last time you spent some quality time with your vacuum cleaner? Not just vacuuming with it, but making sure it was truly happy? Here at smart car we’re willing... read more
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smart car arrangement
smart car fans are open minded people, but when you think of extreme activities, it’s unlikely that floral design is the first thing that pops into your head. The latest American reality television show is... read more
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smart car goes for gold with the fortwo electric drive
The Olympics are not the only reason why smart car is counting down to 2012. It also marks the start of our future-focused smart fortwo electric drive going into commercial production. And with the smart... read more